IIT Roorkee

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

IIT Roorkee situated in the intellectual capital if Uttarakhand is one of the other reasons that makes Roorkee a globally recognisable face among everyone. It would be of great interest to know that the famed IIT has its genesis in Roorkee College constituted in 1847 with the purpose of providing survey and technical training to the locals for the construction of Ganga Canal. Asia’s first technical institution Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee is known for its special blend of modern life and traditional values. It is located at the foothills of Himalayas and offers the most beautiful campus full of life and energy. In the heart of the campus situated James Thompson building which is like a gem in the crown of IIT Roorkee. It is an architectural wonder whose beauty and aura are further seen by the elegantly maintained lawns in the front of this building.

The institute was elevated to the status of Independent India’s first engineering university in 1949. And on 21st September 2001 Government of India elevated this institute to the level of Indian Institute of Technology. It would not be a misnomer to state that Indian institute of Technology, Roorkee is a treasure not only for Roorkee City or Uttarakhand, but a pride for the entire nation.

It has the most beautiful and lust green campus which is full of life and energy. Energy that creates the pace of engineers, those who chase the course of this world and lead it to unimaginable glory of legacy which is more than one hundred and fifty years old. IIT Roorkee is known for its excellent civil department, but with time all the other departments including electrical, computer, chemical, mechanical, biotechnology has truly become its part.

James Thompson’s Building of Indian institute of Technology, Roorkee

James Thompson building

James Thompson’s Building

The great James Thompson’s building is situated at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee and it is popularly called the white house of IIT Roorkee. This building was designed kb the renaissance style with flourishing garden in front of it. It the known to be the administration core of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee campus James Thompson building houses a numerous office. James Thompson’s building is consisting of 3 main parts. The EC tower which is in the back of the building, the white house which is situated in the middle of this entire building and the SAC in the front of the building. It represents the history of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. I would recommend you all to visit James Thompson’s building once.