They say “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. Come to paint your dreams at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee is the only place comes to my mind after reading this quote. Today in this article I am going to sprinkle its glorious past along with all the architectural footprints and states of the art facilities of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

It’s all About IIT Roorkee

The heart of the beautiful city in Haridwar district is located near the banks of the canal called Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. If I talk about its establishment then let me tell you that when the first aqueduct of India has made in 1840 for the fulfilment of the needs of the ailing farmers then engineers were required for canal construction and its maintenance. And hence, the first engineering college was India was first established in 1847.

James Thompson building

And it is known as the Roorkee college, then it later named as Thompson college of Engineering and was father elevated to the stays of IIT in 2001. Asia’s first technical institution Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee is known for its special blend of modern life and traditional values. It is located in the foothills of the Himalayas and offers the most beautiful campus full of life and energy. In the heart of the campus situated James Thompson building which is like a gem in the crown of IIT Roorkee. It is an architectural wonder whose beauty and aura are further seen by the elegantly maintained lawns in the front of this building.

Where Is IIT Roorkee

IIT-R or IIT Roorkee is located in Roorkee City. If you planning to go to IITR or thinking to take admission in IIT Roorkee, you need to quality IIT entrance Exam. To reach IIT Roorkee is super easy. All you need to reach Bus stand of Roorkee and from there its just 50 Meters.

If you coming via train and detrained at Roorkee Railway Station, all you need is to hire an Erikshow or sharing auto to Roorkee Bus Stand. There are many options for Delhi to Roorkee train.

As we all know that a library is the most peaceful place in any campus. Similarly, the library of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee is the most incline place of the entire campus. The library of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee is enriched with the best books of all the courses. Roorkee IIT provides a liberal branch change policy that allows students to change their branches after the 1st semester as 10% of extra seats are created in all the branches which are completely on merit basis.

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee provides students with the scholarship Programmes. One of the most know scholarship program is the James Thompson scholarship that awards students with all India rank under 300 with INR 25000 per month for their entire stay at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

This institute also allows students to opt any minor degree from any department of the institute irrespective of the own branch and can also learn extra course of any department the like.

In Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, there is a Student Mentorship Programme that you will rarely find in any other institute. This programme fosters healthy interactions between seniors and juniors to make the transition to campus life easier for freshers.

IIT Roorkee also provides hostel facilities and it is considered institute’s legacy as it provides a reminder to the glorious past and a witness to the current evolution. Each hostel is fully Wi-Fi connected and also equipped with all the facilities which are managed by its own residents. IIT Roorkee has two main lecture halls and both are conveniently located nearby the central library. The classrooms are fully air conditioning with multiple projectors for lectures.

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee campus has the largest convocation hall which is the venue for all the events. It hosts every event, from orientation programme for the freshers to the farewell of the super seniors including all other cultures events tends to happen in the convocation hall and gets completely packed during the fests.

This Institute is like a home for several interests like music, dramatics, choreography, cinematography, lights, audio, fine arts and what not.

It hosts multiple learning opportunities for the IITians. It also hosts a number of wonderful shows, nukkad Natak and theatre shows.

Technical Achievements of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Some of the recent technical achievements of IIT Roorkee campus includes:

  • Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee stood overall runners-up with maximum 5 golds in inter IIT technical meet 2018.
  • Team SNAP won the Ericsson Innovation Challenge 2017.
  • Team Phoenix won the Schneider Go Green Contest in Paris for their cooling solution ‘Evacool’ which is a low-cost technology for cooling rooms in 2017.
  • Team Triangular of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee secured World Rank 68 in world finals of ACM IPC 2018.
  • The open source development culture of IIT Roorkee is ever increasing as evident from the number of Google Summer of Code selection. In total 18 students were selected in 2017 and has increased to 35 students in 2018.
  • Information security team of IITR is undoubtedly the best team in India that has performed at both national and international levels.

IITR has a rich sporting legacy and it takes every measure to respect it and a well-developed sporting complex with housing facilities for all the sports. This institute also has its computer center to fulfill the computational needs of students and faculties. Keeping up with the expectations as a prestigious technical institute, the campus of IITR is completely Wi-Fi enabled. Coming to the status of placement cell is Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, I would love to inform you that top-notch companies like Goldman Sachs, Uber, Tower research capital, Microsoft, ITC Ltd, and many others have been hiring from IIT Roorkee from a long time.

This 365-acre campus is not only home to one of the premier Engineering institutes of the country but also to one of the forerunners shaping the nation’s management fear. IIT Roorkee has frequently listed among the top 10 most reputed institutes of the country. The department of management studies of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee is the management institute with the best faculty in the country. In Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, there are several places which are equipped with the pool, snooker, carrom and fuse ball table for the students to take a break. That’s all for today, stick with us till the next post.

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