So far, the picture has not been clear about the elections in the state. Like the circumstances, it is pointing out that after the Lok Sabha elections next year, Municipal elections in Roorkee City can be held only after the elections. However, there is a provision for setting up an administrator in bodies in the body of the body for six months and in this regard, the term of administrators will end on November 4. In view of this, churning is going on in the depth of taking legal opinion despite increasing the tenure.

In the past, the government had finalized the preparations for 84 out of 92 municipalities in the state. Then there was a close agreement between the state election commission and the central government. The confusion came to the government when the court asked Roorkee Municipal Corporation to join the process of reservation. On this, the government was just saying that the court had canceled the notification related to 39 municipal councils. The government was then shocked when the court directed the administrators to act under the supervision of elected representatives. The government has gone on review about these matters. In some cases, he got relief too.

Meanwhile, the government also resolved issues related to Bajpur, Srinagar Municipality. Along with this, the expansion of the border extension of the municipal Roorkee has started. Now the court has ordered the cancellation of notification of extension of the boundary of Dehradun Municipal Corporation. This has also increased the confusion of the government. However, after claiming complete preparations on behalf of the government, there were indications for holding body elections after the rain, but in the present circumstances, this is not possible. If the municipal corporation of Roorkee was included in the process of election, then it is decided to take at least three months’ time to work like boundary extension, objections, reservation, reservation of wards.

Currently, it is impossible to have elections after the rain. Not only that, the term of administrators in municipal corporations is to end on November 4. According to the body act, administrators can be accommodated for up to six months. According to sources, churning is going on for taking legal opinion regarding increasing the tenure of the administrators in view of slipping ahead of elections. In view of this, it is believed that only after the Lok Sabha elections, elections can be held in the body. This is probably the reason that the speed in which the government had earlier seen the speed of the election, its speed has slowed down.

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