As we all know Roorkee is a small city situated in north India and comes under Haridwar district of state Uttarakhand. It is situated on Amritsar Howrah min rail route and is on NH 73 and 58. Roorkee is well connected to Delhi by means of rail and roads as anyone can reach there by all the means of transport. You can reach Roorkee by roadways, airways or the most convenient means of railways. Here in this post, I will be briefing you all the possible ways to travel from New Delhi to Roorkee along with the idea about the nearest hotels at Roorkee, so keep scrolling down and do read the entire post.

By Airways:

If you are lacking time then Airways could be the best option for you to visit Roorkee. The nearest airport to Roorkee is the Dehradun Jolly Grant airport and you can reach Roorkee. Dehradun Jolly Grant airport is about 180 km away from New Delhi International Airport. If you are looking forward to travelling via Airways to Roorkee then I would personally recommend you to board from New Delhi International Airport.

By Roadways:

if I talk about travelling from Roorkee to Delhi then, it is my personal favourite option to travel from New Delhi to Roorkee or Roorkee to Delhi. As Roorkee is located approximately 170 km towards north from Delhi. All you have to do is to get on NH 58 as this national highway passes through Roorkee. And if you are willing to visit Haridwar just in case, you can board on the same Highway for next 29 km after Roorkee and you will be there at Haridwar. You see, this is that simple to be there in Roorkee from New Delhi by Roadways also you will be easy finding a hotel in Roorkee. Now the choice is all yours if you want to book a Volvo or you will be travelling in your own vehicle. One the same Highway, you will find the main bus depot as well as great hotels at Roorkee and from there you can find all the buses and travellers for the different places in the north.

By Railways:

Travelling via train to Roorkee City is another most convenient option to travel from New Delhi to Roorkee. As there are trains like Jan Shatabdi which is from Delhi to Dehradun, it has a halt of 10-15 minutes at Roorkee Railway station. And it barely takes 3 hours and 30 minutes to be there at Roorkee Railway Station. Another plus point they got is the nearby Hotels, you are going to find a huge number of the great budget as well as premium hotels within 5 km from Roorkee Railway Station. You can have a stay there before you actually visit great places of Roorkee. There are many awesome hotels in Roorkee that too under budget. Some of them are nearby IITR. You can find hotels near IIT Roorkee at great prices and you will go to have a great experience there.


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