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Roorkee City Online is portal foe those who seeks information about Roorkee City. We try to provide updated information, events, places, travel guide to roorkee.

Roorkee is a gateway of Devbhoomi uttrakhand. Weather you planning to go dehradun or haridwar or rishikesh, you need to pass via Roorkee city.

Best part is you can use this place for stay if you want to break your journey.

Demography Of Roorkee City

Roorkee is not an overly populated city, it is more like a tourist hub with pretty good ratio of male vs female counts as well as literacy ratio.

As the provisional reports of Census India say that in 2011 the population of Roorkee was noted as 118,200. Out of which 63,434 were males and 54,766 were females. It was noted that in Roorkee 95,048 people out of the total population were educated which is not a bad ratio as it has 89.78% of Average Literacy rate. Hinduism is the majority religion of this incredible city along with Islamism as the second most popular religion.

Information About Roorkee City

As per Roorkee City Census 2011 data the population of Roorkee in 2011 is 118,200.

  • Male- 63,434
  • Female-54,766

This was 0.019% of total India population. If population growth rate would be same as in period 2001-2011 (+7.54%/year), Roorkee population in 2018 would be: 396 521*

Its urban / metropolitan population is 238,422 of which 129,802 are males and 108,620 are females.

Roorkee Religion 2011

In Roorkee City the main religion is hinduism as per 2011 census with 72.72 % followers of the same with following with Islam as second largest religion to be followed which is approximately 23.62 %.


Roorkee Metropolitan Areas

Dhandera, Landhaura, Khanjarpur, Nagla Imarti, Mohanpur Mohammadpur, Roorkee, Padali Gujar, Sunhaira, and Shafipur