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India, a land of many paradoxes. Here in India you will find people who are working hard to earn a few penny counts, and then there are people who have all the luxuries. India has its cultures which are forward thinking and they are very open to changes and at the same time there are cultures which strongly hold to their roots. There are places overly polluted, then there are places like Roorkee City which leaves you in the immense pleasure and peace of nature. And hence it is known as one of the most beautiful tourist places around the globe.

Today I will be taking you around a town known Roorkee City which may be insignificant in the India map but owes a great deal of first history of our country. Situated in Uttarakhand, Roorkee is spread over a flat terrain on the banks of the Ganges canal. With the river flowing through the heart of the city, it flaunts its British relics with over four bridges and many buildings dating back to the British era.

Roorkee City, at one point of time this well-developed town which is now a days termed as the intellectual capital of Uttarakhand and now become the most populated tourist hub was a small village. Coming to the history of the intellectual capital of Uttarakhand, I would like to tell you that the famous ganga canal was designed to carry cusecs. The depth and width were fix as it was 10 feet and 140 feet respectively. The main canal has its 3560 miles of distributary and minor branches. The famous ganga canal was constructed 150 years ago and from this canal the journey of Roorkee’s glory and prosperity was started

History Of Roorkee City

This city is said to have gotten its name from Rudy who was the wife of a Rajpoot tribal chief. Before 1840 Roorkee was a tiny hamlet consisting of mud huts on the bank of the river Solani. After the construction of the canal then started the journey of this small village info a planned township. Col. P. T. Cautley who was a British Army Officer took up the task of building the canal in order to fulfil the water needs of ailing farmers. It took approximately 12 years to build and was formally opened in 1854. It is known to be the first aqueduct of India being 25 meters above the ground and it is still considered a marvel of engineering. For the maintenance of the canal, the canal workshop and iron foundry were established in 1843 and is now known as irrigation workshop. The two massive chimneys can be seen from miles away.

Since engineers were required for canal construction the first engineering college was India was first established in 1847. And it is known as the Roorkee college, then it later named as Thompson college of Engineering and was father elevated to the stays of Indian Institute of Technology in 2001.

The Institute now has students coming from all parts of India and the world. A landmark of the city are its massive statues of four lions situated opposite to each other marking the area of the river from Mewar to Roorkee. Whose Ben has been made using Plaster of limestone, clay and red brick powder.

For the purpose of transporting of clay Roorkee became the first city in the county where the railway engine ran for the first time. The locomotive ran from Roorkee to Piran Kaliyar which was around a ten kilometres distance.

Just like any other city Roorkee also witnessed the upheavals of the freedom movement. There are also many such trees where freedom fighters were hung in full public glare one of them is in the village of Sunehra. The massive old banyan tree is over a hundred years old. This spot has been made into a shrine to commentate the martyrdom of the freedom fighter’s hind on the very tree.

Another prominent landmark of the Roorkee city is its cantonment. It is one of the oldest cantonments in the country and it’s also the headquarter of the Bengal sappers.

The citizens here stand proud of the city’s communal harmony and togetherness with hardly any reports of communal violence. But the main attraction still remains the Canal which is also the pride of the city. The great river continues to be used for economic religious and leisure purposes. The riverside is usually seen with the people relaxing their feet in the water. Swimming and boating are also done here.

I am pretty sure that after reading this Information about Roorkee City, now you know almost everything about this place. And if you are thinking to visit Roorkee in the upcoming weekend, then I would love to suggest you that this is possible the best time for visiting Roorkee. Apart from these four places of Roorkee, there are a lot other places to explore. But these places come under the category of Must Visit and that’s why I have mentioned it here in this post, rest Go find out yourself and do let us know in the comment section below. Overall this small town has a pleasant environment with roaring river currents along with the cool breezes forever referring to you to come back again.

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Roorkee City which leaves you in the immense pleasure and peace of nature. And hence it is known as one of the most beautiful tourist places around the globe.
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